I believe that when more men show women that they honor our strength, trust our wisdom and yes, follow our direction, more women will embrace their inner power. Most women tend to make themselves smaller just to make a man feel more comfortable in his manliness. We need more men like you and Richard and others I know personally to lead the way.

Today is our wedding Anniversary. 12 years ago today, we pledged our love and our lives to one another. It feels like so much longer, like a lifetime. I had another life before I met Richard, but it’s all a distant memory and seems so very far in the past.

Have you ever tried to convince someone of something and the more you showed them your proof, the more they dug their heels in?

That’s a Trump supporter. It’s pointless to argue with Trump supporters.

They get their facts from sources who tell them lies.

The lies support their thought…

Birthday during Coronavirus

‪My birthday was Saturday & because it’s unsafe to be anywhere my honey & I hopped in the car early yesterday morning, filled the gas tank & took a long drive. It was a beautiful day, we left about 9am and didn’t get home til 8pm. 2…

I don’t like using the word hate. Those who know me, know I go to great lengths not to. But I feel compelled to use it, because I don’t have another word to describe how I feel that is as strong as hate.

I hate that we live in a…

Today is my husbands birthday. It’s a milestone. We have a few friends who know what an awesome man Richard is, but in case you don’t, let me tell you about this man who I love with all of my heart and soul.

When I first met Richard, I was…

When can I finally have _______

I’m waiting for when _________ (fill in the blank)

No doubt we can all fill in the blank with hundreds of things. Waiting for what is the question I’d like you to ask yourself.

Can you relate to the following examples?

I’m waiting to use the good dishes for when __________. What’s your answer? For special occasions is the…

What’s a Dad?

Today is Father’s Day …. I know some great Dad’s. Richard is an awesome father. He loves his daughters so much. He thinks about them all the time, he worries about them even though they’re adults, he is a good dad. When I first met Richard, I…

I lead a pretty busy and full life and love when the tasks I do regularly can be more convenient for me. Hence my love of the Amazon Locker Delivery.

The Good: It’s so convenient, because the locker I use is right inside the same Whole Foods that I shop…

The midterm elections are around the corner here in the USA and the rhetoric is at an all time high. The negative ads, the flyers coming in the mail, the people knocking on your door, all looking for votes, all looking to persuade you to vote their way.

What matters…

View From Her Throne

Welcome to my world. I'm unconventional, I don’t fit in your box. I’m opinionated, bossy & OCD. Always asking WHY & looking for answers to EVERYTHING. #FLR

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